Welcome to Saint Thomas the Apostle

Fr Steve

I want to be the first in sharing our community's joy in having you with us! We have many offerings and opportunities for you to connect with your faith and I hope you find something special -like many others have in this parish-to build on a strengthen your personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

We have a saying here that "we make disciples." It's a call to action you will see or hear often and it sums up my pastoral vision for this parish.

A Place to Find Him: Saint Thomas the Apostle is a beacon in the heart of the city, calling forth and making room for people of all backgrounds. Here is where you can discover Jesus Christ and develop a life around Him. We want to be an expression of God's love, drawing diverse people to the Catholic family in which they belong. We are a community that celebrates life together and radiates our joy and spirit.

A Place to be Formed: Saint Thomas the Apostle is abundant with offering for you to deepen your knowledge about Jesus an His Church. Whether you're just getting your feet wet, are knee-deep or are a deep river, we have many classes and programs for you to jump in and explore the rich theology and traditions of what it means to be Catholic. We offer something "for every age and every stage."

A Place to Follow Him: Saint Thomas the Apostle has many ministries and volunteer opportunities for you to share your time and talents-to do the great work God has sent you to do. We even have "Time and Talent Coordinator" who can connect you to people and programs that are just right, whether you have just an hour or an entire retirement of time to devote.

Each one of us has been called to participate in the life of the Church and as a disciple of Christ, bring His light into the world. Saint Thomas the Apostle is a place to start and we are so glad you made it!

In all things may Christ be glorified,

Father Steven Kunkel