Online Parish Office

Welcome to the Saint Thomas Online Parish Office! Please follow these links for parish requests or contact us at

Sacrament Certificate Request

You may require a sacramental certificate with notations and imprinted with Saint Thomas the Apostle’s official church seal in order to continue with your sacraments (first communion, confirmation, marriage), to be a godparent or confirmation sponsor. If you need an official sacramental certificate from Saint Thomas the Apostle, please complete and submit this form.

Mass Intentions

Please complete this form to request Mass intentions, please note that if you are making a request for an intention in the next 10 weeks the date you choose may not be available. 

Parish Registration

Please complete this form if you are a baptized Catholic and would like to become an active and participating member of our Saint Thomas Parish. If you are preparing for the sacraments of marriage or baptism for your child, please call the parish office for more information at 602-954-9089. We look forward to meeting you and providing more information on our Saint Thomas community!