Seasonal Decoration Committee

“Whenever we awaken beauty, whether through creating a work of art or simply appreciating God’s creation, we help to make God present in the world.”

Fr. Timothy B. Brown, SJ Provincial Ignatian Imprints Spring 2007

Our volunteer committee is a group of creative people who use their talents to enhance and support the worship spaces at Saint Thomas the Apostle. Their goal is to provide a hospitable environment of prayerful participation. This is done by creating appropriate surroundings and rich symbolic representation in keeping with the liturgical seasons. These parishioners are responsible for seasonal environment, including flowers, greenery and other decorations in enhancement of our worship spaces.

New members are always welcome to join the Seasonal Decoration Committee! We seek parishioners to beautify our worship spaces:

  • With an appreciation of religious art and good liturgical sense
  • Those with creativity and talent in art
  • Helping hands and strong arms!
  • The committee is open to men and women of all ages!