Building Virtues Capital Campaign Update

06-04-2019Pastor LetterFr. Steve Kunkel

This is an exciting time for Saint Thomas the Apostle. Our Building Virtues Capital Campaign these past three years has helped us make incredible progress on the vision we outlined when I became your pastor just a few years ago. Together, we have achieved so much in a short time! I want to keep the momentum we have and make progress on our master plan that will take Saint Thomas long into the future.

The parish is preparing to launch an important effort that will continue to build on the efforts we have made so far. In the past couple weeks, we began a feasibility study that will assist us in determining how to move forward. To conduct this study, we have retained the services of Ruotolo Associates, a national firm with local presence that has experience working with Catholic communities just like ours.


Letter on Ad Orientem Letter 2 of 2

11-11-2018Pastor LetterThe Priests of St. Thomas the Apostle

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Starting on the feast of Christ the King, we will begin to offer the 11:00 Mass “Ad Orientem,” which is to say that the priest and the people will together turn to face the Lord in the Eucharistic Prayer. In our last bulletin letter, we began to address the reasons for this decision, starting with a brief analysis of the Second Vatican Council’s stated ends in proposing a reform of the Liturgy.


Letter on Ad Orientem-Letter 1 of 2

10-28-2018Pastor LetterThe Priests of Saint Thomas the Apostle

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

One of the many great blessing of serving St. Thomas the Apostle parish is the beauty and solemnity with which this community approaches the celebration of the Sacred Liturgy. This is a commitment we not only want to maintain but also to continue and to deepen.


Welcome Fr. Musie Tesfayohannes

09-02-2018Pastor LetterFr. Musie Tesfayohannes

Fr. Musie Tesfayohannes will be joining Saint Thomas as Parochial Vicar this week. He looks forward to his new assignment and meeting our community. Fr. Tesfayohannes wanted to share this letter of introduction with you and please give him a warm Saint Thomas Welcome when you meet him.


State of the Parish and School

08-15-2018Pastor LetterFr. Steve Kunkel

Dear STA Family,

Welcome back and Happy "FALL"! I know it's still entirely too hot to feel like celebrating, but we have much to be glad about as we finish the summer and welcome home all our vacationing parishioners and students back to Saint Thomas. I spent some of the summer overseas, traveling through Europe and as great as my adventures were, it is GREAT to be back, together with all of you.

I want to kick off our new fiscal year and school year with general updates on the state of the parish and school.

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Letter from the Pastor

Lift Up Your Hearts

04-21-2019Pastor LetterFr. Steve Kunkel

Dear STA Family,

In 1987, Saint Pope John Paul II visited Phoenix and was surrounded by 75,000 faithful as he celebrated Mass and the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick. I was recently moved by a recording from that event and want to share a portion of it with you today, thirty-two years later as we celebrate the Risen Lord and the restored hope He brings this Easter. In his address, Saint Pope John Paul II reminds us of our universal heritage as children of God - that we are an "Alleluia!" people, healed from sin through the sacraments and destined for eternal love.