Sta Choir


Mission Statement

The St. Thomas Music Ministry is one that serves the community through the musical contribution to the Mass on Sundays and major feasts and holidays during the Church year. This ministry, due to its performance quality, is constantly striving to work toward a more professional, but always Christ-centered, implementation of the music in order to enhance the Liturgy. Participants are required to be in attendance weekly for rehearsals and for participation at Mass on Sundays in order to achieve these goals. The volunteers, through the directors, are constantly challenged to understand not only the musical and theoretical aspects of the music, but also the importance of its place in the liturgy, and the Church’s special instructions given to us regarding the music. Pride of place is always given to the original music of the church: chant and traditional hymnody. However, through instruction of our pastor and priests, the music ministry understands the different needs and spiritual journeys of the community. Therefore, the music at weekly masses encompasses different styles and genres of music, but only that which is liturgically acceptable, in accordance with what the Church gives us through the General Instruction.

Because of the time commitment and fast-paced rehearsals, perspective participants are encouraged to attend a weekly rehearsal and are required to meet with the directors to discuss their schedule and availability, and their musical background and experience.

Time Commitment

  • Tuesday evenings—6:30-8:00pm in the Church choir loft
  • Sunday morning Mass—9am (8:20 call time) and 11am (10:20 call time)
  • Extra Rehearsals as needed for Advent Concert and/or Holy Week Liturgies

Please contact directors for more information and/or to set up a meeting.