“Anyone can read scripture in public; only a believer can proclaim them.”

Saint Benedict

Lectors are not readers, but are proclaimers of the Good News of the Lord and have a very important role to play in each liturgy during mass. The Lector proclaims the first and second readings and may be called upon to make parish announcements. Being a member of the Lector Ministry helps you to gain a better understanding of the readings of the week because you prepare them at home and practice before coming to Mass to proclaim them.

New lectors are always welcome! To join this ministry, volunteers are required to be practicing Catholics, current on their Safe Environment Training and 18 years or older. Training for this ministry is done by appointment with either the lead lector or Time & Talent Coordinator. Rehearsals/practice time is provided on an “as needed” basis or prior to Christmas or Easter Masses.