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August 2020

Dear Parents,

In light of continued Covid restrictions, our parish catechesis and sacramental preparation programs for children and youth will be starting up in September, but with a different approach and emphasis.

This year will be primarily one of family formation.  Our emphasis will be on the formation of parents as the primary educators of their children, but with children participating with the parents at sessions for the whole family.

To accomplish this, we will focus in on the mission statement of our Pastor, Fr. Steve Kunkel WE MAKE DISCIPLES. WE MAKE DISCIPLES refers to Jesus’ desire to make each one of us His followers. By being called, formed, and sent by Jesus, He invites us to use our gifts, talents and our entire lives to love and serve Him and each other.

We will start the year via video conferencing using Zoom, so you can attend at home; once restrictions are lifted, we will look to meet on campus.  At that point, we will examine whether we should have the children meet in their regular grade classes, as we have done in the past, or if we need to go in a different direction.

We will begin with an orientation for parents on Wednesday, September 2 at 6:30pm.

For more details and a schedule, please go to

Thank you so much and God Bless,

To be completed by the sponsor

A sponsor serves as a model of Christian living for the individual he/she is sponsoring. A sponsor must be a Catholic who:

  • Has been baptized
  • Has received Confirmation and Holy Communion in the Catholic Church.
  • Is currently living a sacramental life (attending Sunday Mass, regularly going to the sacrament of Reconciliation).
  • Is not living a life of habitual serious sin.
  • (if applicable) Is in a marriage recognized as valid according to the Catholic Church.
  • Be at least sixteen years of age.
  • Not be a parent of the individual to be Confirmed.

Consider having your children's baptismal godparents take up the role of Confirmation sponsor; it provides a great connection with their baptism.

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