Handcrafted Bethlehem Olive Wood Religious Gifts

Add Sat, Oct 23 - Sun, Oct 24

Please stop by the tables of religious wares (Nativity set, rosaries, statues, crucifixes, charms, etc.) after all the Masses the weekend of Oct 23/24.

Ayman Khair is representing about 180 Christian families from Bethlehem. These families have been dependent upon sales of their hand carved religious articles to tourists of the Holy Land. Due to the conflict in the Middle East and the Pandemic, tourism has been stopped completely since March 2, 2020. Sadly enough, the Christian population dropped from 22 % to less than 2% in the last 20 years. Thank you in advance for your support. These hand carved religious articles are beyond description. Carved from wood of the sacred Olive tree, this workmanship has been traditional for these families for hundreds of years.