Around the Diocese

Did you know? That our pan-try is located right here on the church property? While some know this...other people are surprised to hear this. The pantry is just west of the parish gift store and housed in the parish office area. We are so happy that we have space right here on some other St. Vincent conferences operate out of trailers or are off property. What a blessing that we are allocated square footage right here at our St. Thomas the Apostle home!

Another interesting fact: each quarter we have a “surprise” visit from a health inspector from Maricopa County. We are happy to report that we have passed all these inspections and care so much about keeping a clean, orderly and safe operation! Much credit for this clean ship is our talented and dedicated pantry manager, Michele Baldasano. We smile to see all of Michele’s notes each week. Signs like “Use this first”, “Eggs stored on bottom frig shelf!” and “Get these snack items moving!”. Michele makes sure that stock is rotated and shelves are neat and tidy. She is one in a million and keeps us running smoothly.

In addition, Dianne saves the day by her work each week to mop, clean and scour the pantry til it sparkles! We are so grateful for her smile, and good eye for detail! Pat and Patricia also come in each week to help stock the shelves and make sure that every-thing is ready to roll for the daily home visit teams. What would we do without their help to fill the shelves and make sure that we have good variety? We are truly blessed to have such a superstar team assembled to make our pantry shine.

Thank you Michele, Dianne , Pat and Patricia for your dedication and hard work to keep our pantry ship shape! Many blessings to all in our parish and to Father Steve for all your support, kindness and prayers. You inspire us in our mission to love and serve those who are struggling!